Articles for Bandcamp

Susana Santos Silva feature (January 2023) NEW!

Portuguese work songs feature (October 2022)

Gerald Cleaver feature (October 2022)

Fania Records feature (September 2022)

Smoke Sessions feature (July 2022)

Albert Ayler feature (May 2022)

Flora Purim feature (April 2022)

Hermeto Pascoal feature (March 2022)

Ayanda Sikade feature (January 2022)

Darius Jones feature (November 2021)

Splinters feature (September 2021)

Despise You feature (August 2021)

Anthony Braxton review (July 2021)

Emma-Jean Thackray feature (July 2021)

Mythic Sunship blurb (May 2021)

Horndal feature (April 2021)

Hafez Modirzadeh feature (February 2021)

Johanna Hedva feature (January 2021)

Luke Stewart feature (October 2020)

Album of the Day: Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight Trible, Pathways & Passages (September 2020)

Avant-garde death metal feature (August 2020)

Ellen Fullman/Theresa Wong feature (August 2020)

Ulcerate feature (May 2020)

Rob Clouth feature (March 2020)

Dwaal feature (March 2020)

Eunhye Jeong feature (January 2020)

Lina & Raül Refree feature (January 2020)

June Tyson feature (November 2019)

Peter Brötzmann feature (November 2019)

Takafumi Matsubara feature (October 2019)

Album of the Day: Marquis Hill, Love Tape (October 2019)

Album of the Day: Husmo HAV, Ripples (October 2019)

Cemican feature (September 2019)

Guaxe feature (September 2019)

Shirley Tetteh feature (August 2019)

Beastwars feature (July 2019)

Album of the Day: Alice Clark, Alice Clark (June 2019)

Album of the Day: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Be Known Ancient/Future/Music (June 2019)

Dwight Trible feature (April 2019)

Album of the Day: V/A, Post-Now Round One: Chicago Vs. New York (March 2019)

Atlanta jazz feature (March 2019)

Album of the Day: Imani, Out of the Blue (March 2019)

Senyawa feature (November 2018)

Full Blast feature (October 2018)

Konstrukt/Keiji Haino feature (August 2018)

ROIR Records feature (July 2018)

South African jazz feature (May 2018)

Leila Abdul-Rauf feature (April 2018)

Usurpress feature (February 2018)

Nortt feature (January 2018)

MAST feature (January 2018)

Michael Mayer/Kompakt Records feature (December 2017)

Carbon Based Lifeforms feature (October 2017)

Zara McFarlane feature (October 2017)

Eremite Records feature (August 2017)

Interview with Morbid Evils (August 2017)

Interview with Jason Moran (August 2017)

Interview with Voltax (June 2017)

Interview with Relapso (June 2017)

Interview with Darragh Morgan (May 2017)

Interview with Porya Hatami (April 2017)

Interview with Suzy & Los Quattro (April 2017)

Interview with Paal Nilssen-Love (March 2017)

Interview with Vizaresa (Akvan) (February 2017)

Interview with Drunken Sufis (January 2017)

Profile of WordSound Records (January 2017)

Interview with Miles Mosley (December 2016)

Interview with Rodrigo Amado (December 2016)

Interview with Jack Sharp (Wolf People) (December 2016)

Profile of Bill Laswell’s Axiom Recordings (October 2016)

Interview with Chris Whiter (October 2016)