August 2018 Update

wire0918The new issue of The Wire is out, and I’ve got two pieces in it, each of which I’m really happy about. The shorter of the two is a profile of drummer Makaya McCraven, who records live performances and then chops them up into something in between beat tapes and audio collages, while still maintaining the energy of a jazz album. I thought that was going to be a single page, but it’s a two-page spread in the issue, with a great photo to accompany it. The longer piece is a six-page profile of synth wizard Klaus Schulze, who I’ve wanted to interview for at least a decade. We had to do it via email because he’s in poor health, but I think it turned out really well. It’s the first major profile of Schulze in the magazine’s history, and I’m really proud of it. You can buy a digital subscription to The Wire on their site and read the new issue as well as their complete archive going back to 1982.

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