Philip Freeman has been a freelance journalist since 1996. He has written for dozens of outlets, including All Music Guide, the Aquarian Weekly, Bandcamp, the Cleveland Scene, CLRVYNT, Down Beat, Global RhythmJazziz, Jazznytt, the Log Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Metal Edge, Metal Maniacs, the Miami New Times, MSN Entertainment,, Noisey, Oneworld,, Perfect Sound Forever, Red Bull Music Academy, Relix, the Riverfront Times, the SF Weekly, Signal to Noise, Stereogum, Victory Journal, the Village Voice, Westword, The Wire, and Wondering Sound.

Sometimes, his pieces are the cover story, as seen below:

Links to other recent pieces (updated regularly) are below.


Interview with Chris Whiter (October 2016)

Profile of Bill Laswell’s Axiom Recordings (October 2016)

Interview with Jack Sharp (Wolf People) (December 2016)

Interview with Rodrigo Amado (December 2016)

Interview with Miles Mosley (December 2016)

Profile of WordSound Records (January 2017)

Interview with Drunken Sufis (January 2017)

Interview with Vizaresa (Akvan) (February 2017)

Interview with Paal Nilssen-Love (March 2017)

Interview with Suzy & Los Quattro (April 2017)

Interview with Porya Hatami (April 2017)

Interview with Darragh Morgan (May 2017)

Interview with Relapso (June 2017)

Interview with Voltax (June 2017)

Interview with Jason Moran (August 2017)

Interview with Morbid Evils (August 2017)

Eremite Records feature (August 2017)

Zara McFarlane feature (October 2017)

Carbon Based Lifeforms feature (October 2017)

Michael Mayer/Kompakt Records feature (December 2017)

The Cleveland Scene

Interview with Weird Al Yankovic (September 2010)

“Interview” with Iron Maiden mascot Eddie (July 2010)

Kansas/Foreigner/Styx (June 2010)

Interview with George Thorogood (March 2009)

A Guns N’ Roses Tribute Band Singer Talks Chinese Democracy (December 2008)

Interview with Bret Michaels of Poison (June 2007)

Review of Metallica’s St. Anger (May 2003)

Down Beat

Interview with Greg Howe (April 2017)

The Log Journal

Interview with Annea Lockwood (September 2017)


Interview with Heather Leigh (December 2015)

Interview with Chris Bay of Freedom Call (November 2016)

Interview with Violent Magic Orchestra (November 2016)

Red Bull Music Academy

Interview with Archie Shepp (August 2014)

King Sunny Ade: From Lagos to Hollywood (July 2014)


Ugly Beauty: The Month in Jazz (monthly column)

The Best Jazz Albums of 2017

Metallica’s Reload Turns 20 (November 2017)

Remembering Celtic Frost’s Martin Ain (October 2017)

American Standards: Why Everybody Loves Tom Petty (October 2017)

Last of the Multi-Platinum Post-Grunge Bands: Creed Talk My Own Prison at 20 (August 2017)

Against All Odds, Linkin Park Were America’s Last Huge Rock Band (July 2017)

The 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2016 (December 2016)

The Worst New Band in America Reminds Us That Nü-Metal’s Not Going Anywhere (September 2016)

Defeating The Jazz Zombies: America’s Music Is Alive & Well—These 7 Artists Are Proof (September 2016)

AC/DC Albums from Worst to Best (August 2014)

Miles Davis Albums from Worst to Best (November 2014)

Motörhead Albums from Worst to Best (September 2015)

Iggy Pop Albums from Worst to Best (March 2016)

Yes Albums from Worst to Best (May 2015)

Victory Journal

Seeing Daylight (Professional Bull Riders) (November 2016)

The Village Voice

Interview with Orrin Evans (July 2012)

Bulls on Parade: Live From MSG’s Arena Rock Rodeo (January 2010)

Heaven & Hell Rise Again (August 2009)

Wondering Sound

Blue Note’s Mid-’60s Adventurism (July 2011)

Interview with Elizabeth Cline of Mortals (July 2014)

Interview with Orlando Julius (September 2014)